Formal Wear Formal Wear Amanda's 7-Layer Prom Dress Amanda brought me a picture from a bridal site of a 7 layer designer gown and said, "Can you make me this in a different color?" So we went shopping fro co-ordinating fabrics and started designing this dress. 184273339 7-Layer Back View The top has long tails with embroidered roses on the bottom and a lace up corset style back. 184273329 Alanna's Corset Top Prom Dress My daughter Maria drew a picture of the dress that her friend Alanna wanted for prom then said, "My mom can make it for you." I designed this dress to fit her. We had to order the busk (corset closure) from a site in England. 184273330 Homecoming Dress I wish I had a better picture of this dress. It is a spaghetti strap, princess style with a contrasting back pannel and mock corset laces. The shawl is reversable in the same colors as the dress. 184273333 Maria's Sophomore Prom Dress This is probably one of the most intricate dresses that I have ever done. It has an functioning internal corset, a mock external lace up, diagonal bodice, angled skirt, stiff boning in the sleeve caps and miles and miles of hand made ruffeling. 184273332 Timothy's Zoot Suit Made from a 1930's vintage Vogue pattern this Zoot Suit is authentic to the last detail. Made of navy blue pinstriped wool it has high waist pants with suspenders, a watch pocket complete with extra long chain and the Long Jacket has pockets inside and out. 184273334 Sarah's Junior Prom This simple dress was made from a Vogue pattern of sheer blue fabric with sparkling butterflies on it. It has a handkerchief skirt and a front drape to add elegance. 184273335 Thomas' Senior Prom Like Timothy's Zoot Suit above This is 1930's authentic. Tom's choice of colors was a black pinstripe wool pants with a deep gold jacket. The ties and hats were purchased but we made hat bands to match each suit. 184274341 Tom and Sarah's Wedding Sarah wanted a non-traditional wedding dress and picked a medieval pattern. Maria re-designed the medieval dress to be a long sleeved bolero jacket that Sarah wore over her beautiful draped Vogue Wedding gown. Both of which I made. 184273331 The Wedding Party The bridesmaid's dresses are the same pattern as Sarah's junior prom dress. The fabric fades from light blue at the top to a deep blue at the bottom. I also made all the men's vests from black brocade. 184273337 The Wedding Baby Natalie was one year old and not yet walking but her dress is made out of pieces of the bridesmaid's fabric and the wedding gown fabric also. She wore it many, many times until she finally outgrew it. 184273338 Prom 2007 The two blue dresses were made by me. The unique color on the left one is from layering blue fabric over mint green lining. The one on the right was specially adapted from a Vogue pattern to fit the mother-to-be. 184275633