Cathy's Sewing and Alterations


The couple in the photo is my son and the girl he would eventually marry. I made both of their outfits. They are both made from Vogue patterns. The Zoot Suit is 1930’s authentic down to the last detail.

My name is Cathy Cabalo.  I started sewing when I was an early teen.  My mom gave me a pattern and said, "Call me if you need something explained."  My uncle taught me early in life to alter men’s trousers because he changed sizes every few months and always brought me his alterations.  Let’s add to that that I am very short (some people would call it vertically challenged.) This forced me to adjust everything I ever bought. It reached a point I made most of my clothes.

As a young woman I joined the Air Force and learned about properly fitted clothing. As an active duty person and then a military wife I made pocket change sewing patches and insignia on uniforms and hemming lots of trousers.

I married a man who would challenge my abilities and I have made camp chairs and backpack’s (the kind that go on frames) and have mended countless tents, tarps and boat covers. 37 years later I am still married to the same man and he still has unique projects for me to try.

We raised three wonderful children, and now have 9 grandchildren. I have enjoyed making many, many outfits as they were growing up, from baby rompers to prom formals.

My youngest daughter, Maria, went to college to learn to be professional designer. When she still lived at home she would draw a picture of a dress for a friend and then say, “Oh yeah, my mom can make it for you.” I would then create what I saw through pattern construction, and ingenuity.

I currently live on, and operate a u-pick apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  This demands that I stay home and see to the daily operations of the farm.  Since we work seasonally, I have time to devote to my true passion of working with my sewing machine.

I have been sewing for over 40 years and have an extensive amount of experience.  I have had many mentors over the years to teach me new skills.  I have been altering wedding dresses for over 20 years.  Please check out the photo albums for some examples of my work.